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FS2004 FSX Singapore Airlines A330343X
FS2004 FSX Singapore Airlines A330-343X image 1
Size: 6.76 MB FS2004 FSX Singapore Airlines A330-343X. PROJECT OPENSKY AIRBUS A330 VERSION 2 for FS2002/2004/FSX Copyrights. This aircraft is made by Project OpenSky Model Designer . Shervin Ahooraei Flight Dynamics Designer . Warren C.Daniel Master textures . C. Vincent Cho, Ben Hewitt Virtual Cockpit ...

P3D FSX Horten Ho229v3 WWII German flying wing
P3D FSX Horten Ho-229v3 WWII German flying wing image 1
Size: 17.23 MB P3D FSX Horten Ho-229v3 WWII German flying wing. The Horten Ho-229 was a World War II prototype flying wing fighter/bomber. Designed by Reimar and Walter Horten and powered by two Jumo 004B turbojets it was built to carry a 1,000 kg load for 1,000 km at 1,000 km/h. This is an updated version ...

FS2004 FSX Ilyushin Il 2 Tankbuster
FS2004 FSX Ilyushin Il 2 Tankbuster image 1
Size: 4.30 MB FS2004 FSX Ilyushin Il 2 Tankbuster. The Ilyushin Il-2 was a single seat Ground Attack aircraft. This is the single seat first production version that came out in early 1941. The first of over 35,000 made. The IL-2 is a single-engine, propeller driven, low-wing monoplane of mixed construction ...

FSX Ilyushin IL28 Beagle
FSX Ilyushin IL-28 Beagle image 1
Size: 51.07 MB FSX Ilyushin IL-28 Beagle. The Il-28 was the first jet bomber of the Soviet Air Force. It was developed in the end of the 40ies. After WW II the Soviets (also the Americans, British and French) got access to research results, development results and also to the engineering stuff of the german ...